Employer Services With 40 percent of major employers offering financial planning, Decker Consulting has developed a diverse array of services aimed at meeting the challenges of educating a workforce with varying levels of financial sophistication. Our comprehensive solutions include personal counseling with the client in a collaborative, empowering environment; innovative software programs to project the value of future benefits and construct a plan for achieving financial independence and retirement; and cutting-edge Internet-based education integrated with your company's benefit communication systems.

Our programs are designed to help you communicate to your employees that they are key to your organization's success, while at the same time teaching them how to value their total compensation. For over twenty years our counseling sessions have been helping employers recruit top talent, communicate their benefits, increase retention, ease the pain of rightsizing, and relocate employees both domestically and internationally. To see how Decker Consulting can increase your organization's productivity and profitability, select one of the options to the right or from the Employer Services menu above.


Individual Services

Unlike financial service organizations that sell products, Decker Consulting delivers high quality workshops and objective individual counseling, effectively empowering our clients to take control of their futures. We have counseled thousands of individuals, couples, and families from over 200 countries in person, by phone, and online.

Counseling has been the cornerstone of Decker Consulting's services since the firm's inception. Our counselors can help you develop planning strategies and solve financial challenges. We believe in working with you to address your needs, rather than collecting data, writing a report, and then meeting with you to review the results. Ninety-five percent of our work is done with you present so you can learn how to do the planning for yourself.

We encourage you to do as much of the background work as possible. Because we charge strictly by the amount of time spent in counseling sessions, we encourage our clients to come as prepared as possible to your first appointment. By gathering your financial statements, tax returns, wills, and other relevant documents in advance, the amount of time spent with one of our advisers is reduced.

To learn more about our individual services, read on, or choose from any of the links from the Individual Services menu above.


Financial Strategies

Financial Strategies is a powerful, yet easy-to-use financial planning program that helps you plan for and achieve a goal of financial independence. The program is available in two versions — Foundation, with all of the options that you need to set your goals and learn how to achieve them, and Financial Strategies Advanced, which adds detailed retirement cash-flow planning and a life insurance planning module. The differences between the versions are outlined below..

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