RLFM Course Catalog 2018-2019

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2018-2019 Course Catalogue

Texas PEIMS 13018000 – Real Life Financial Mathematics (RLFM)



In Texas, RLFM is a blended, online, CTE, one year, advanced math credit high school course.

The course integrates financial, career, postsecondary education planning, and reality-based math, with critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and project development.

License Pricing

  • Student License
    • ISBN: 9780997734638
    • $35 per student for the 2017-18 one-year license
    • $245 per students for an eight-year license. This price is a 12.5% discount
  • Instructor License, in combination with student licenses
    • ISBN: 9780997734621
    • $155 per instructor for the 2017-18 one-year license
    • $1,240 per instructor for an eight-year license.
    • Must accompany the purchase of Student Licenses
  • Instructor License, Stand Alone without student licenses
    • ISBN: 9780997734614-001
    • $655 per instructor for the 2017-18 one-year license for two classes, 50 students maximum
    • Eight-year license option not available – we hope your students will have access to computer technology and you will select the preceding student/instructor license options.