Colleges and Universities

Real Life Financial Math (RLFM) is a blended, online, one year advanced math course. It is an excellent course for a college or university to offer.


RLFM is the course you wish you had in high school. It integrates personal financial education, career discovery, postsecondary education planning, and reality-based math with critical thinking, problem-solving, team building, and project-based learning. It is challenging and engaging, offering students a comprehensive view of real life.

When a college or university offers RLFM in the freshman year, students work through the course to chart a successful college experience both intellectually and financially. RLFM helps them manage their college career by helping them determine the financial and educational plan for the time they will be in college or university.

This improves the graduation rate of students and helps them determine how to minimize the financial burden of an education.

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