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A Social Impact Organization


From 1979, D&A was a leader in the field of personal corporate finance. Companies retained D&A to work with their employees, and families, from around the globe to help them create a plan for becoming financially independent working for the company. The outcomes were motivated employees and families, who worked hard, often relocated around the world, and who designed a personal plan of saving, investing, and spending to become financially independent.

From this work, D&A learned how to present relevant, interesting information as well as critical thinking so families could succeed and improve their socioeconomic situation.

Over the years Decker has received several awards relating to financial education:

Profit Sharin & 401(k) Council of America – First Place Award in Financial Planning

Virginia Tech award for best practice in corporate sponsored financial education

FDIC Chairman’s Award for Innovations in Financial Education

Our work was noticed by Fortune magazine who published a 1089 Fortune cover story “Will You be able to Retire?”

In 2001, the board of directors of two Habitat for Humanity chapters asked D&A to help their homeowners who were having economic problems. We developed programs to help the families break the cycle of poverty. After one year, the average graduate of our programs had increased their income by 50% and their net worth by 62%.

Then, we noticed their high school students began to attend our programs. When asked, the students said they loved their parents, but they wanted a better economic future. Responding to their needs, we developed the Game of Real Life as a summer curriculum at several Houston area high schools. The outcomes were amazing.

Of the Game students whom we were able to track longitudinally, 99% went to college and 92% completed college within 6 years. Amazing outcomes created by the students themselves.


Colleges Attended (a few of them)

Texas A&M

University of Houston




In 2012, members of the Texas education community asked if we would develop a full year, in school program based on the Game of Real Life which could help cause similar outcomes to the outcomes mentioned above. The objective was to offer an interesting, relevant, critical thinking course that sparks students and motivate them to succeed and develop a plan for their future regardless of their educational or life circumstances.

And here we are:

  • Real Life Financial Mathematics (RLFM) (approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA))
  • Real Life Personal Finance (RLFP) ( TEA approval expected in November 2018)

Take the time to look at the exciting videos which demonstrate teacher and student perspectives on Real Life Financial Mathematics.

Let us hear from you on any topic of concern to you. Email: instructor@deckerusa.com